Project Overview

Fred McLane – Line on the Ground

Kreativfilm / MI 11. April 17.00 Uhr - GRENZERFAHRUNGEN

The story follows the life of two little innocent boys. These boys are near identical in every sense from their clothing to their housing, every aspect of their life is the same. One day a large man with a bad aura enters the world of the two boys and draws a line between the two of them but the two boys do not realize what is happening and ignorantly play around it. The two boys go home not comprehending how their lives are about to change. The next morning the boys wake up their lives now separated from one another by a fence.
This story illustrates how people of similar interest, cultures, families and even friends have been separated solely due to the fact that someone has set a boundary in the sand. The story criticizes the legitimacy of such borders and their benefit to society.


Kreativfilm / Concours du film créatif: 4 Min

Frieder Lang