Animation | Creative Film

Contagious Loneliness

Touch. It gives you a sense of security, comfort and energy. A world consisting of the dynamics of touch and interaction is constantly in motion. It lives and grows through closeness and feelings. The plants are touchpoints, the ground resembles the pores of the skin. A woman walks dreamily through the landscape. Now and then, some plants lean toward her, seeking closeness. The woman answers the plants’ devotion with satisfaction. She reaches out to them and stokes them gently. The interaction between the woman and the plants becomes more and more intense. The woman’s fingers begin to caress the ground in delicate, circular motions. Slowly, more and more plants grow out of the ground. The woman’s body follows the movements and lounges over the surface. The strong interaction of the plants and the woman puts her in a state of ecstasy and euphoria. The atmosphere becomes warmer. In the meantime, small black lice appear in the landscape. They spread, starting from the waterfall moving towards the plants and infect them with diseases. Full of euphoria, the woman doesn’t notice anything that is happening until the lice get to her. Panic-stricken, she pushes the plants, including the lice, away from her and flees into a cave. She looks at the landscape with a frozen gaze. The plants turn green, they turn black and wither. They develop eczema and die. The atmosphere becomes cooler. The woman hides herself further and further into the cave. Again, her fingers caress the ground. In vain she tries to get close to the plants. The woman is visibly desperate. Her gaze keeps drifting to the outside of the cave. The plants become fewer and the number of lice more and more. Visibly affected by the sudden threat, she tries to calm herself by gently stroking her skin. In vain. Her body, like the outside world, becomes thinner and weaker. She feels alone. After some time in isolation, a new, never-before-seen plant emerges from the earth, and with it, hope.