Conditions of Participation

Film submission by Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

From April 26-29, 2022 SHORTS 22 – the trinational film festival of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, will present films in the categories of short, medium, animated and documentary films. The SHORTS Film Festival has been awarding prizes for the best student films made in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland since 1999. In total, prize money of over 7,000 euros will be awarded.


Only student projects or low-no-budget projects from the production year 2021/2022 from Germany, France or Switzerland are permitted for the SHORTS 2022.


Short film: productions up to 25 minutes in length
Medium-length film: productions from 25 minutes in length
Animated film: no length limit
Documentary: No length limit

All films must be delivered with English subtitles.


Registration for SHORTS 2022 can only be made via

Registrations are accepted until February 1st, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. The content of the preview copy must correspond to the content of the screening copy. The information must be complete. Only completed films can be considered in the preselection. A film in H.264 is preferred for viewing.

It is essential to upload the complete information for registration:

Film with explicit mention of the university, film stills (resolution of 300dpi in .tiff or .jpg file format), list of crew and actors, press release / synopsis / possibly website and social media links.

Pre-selection and pre-selection commissions

The pre-selection commissions decide on the composition of the competition programs. The festival management determines the criteria for the selection. The only decisive factor is the artistic quality of the films.

Submission of the film copies to the festival

The nominated films will be notified by Wednesday, February 9, 2022. The nominated films must be sent in as screening copies for the festival by Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. All films must be subtitled in English and correspond to the formats listed under “Formats of the screening copy”. Films that do not meet the requirements or that are submitted late cannot be considered.

Screening Copy Formats

DCPs are required for the presentation in the cinema – you can send them to us directly or we will create them. In this case, please note the following:



Quicktime (mov) with H.264 Codec
Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
MP4 or other formats are unallowed!


1080p (1920x1080px / Aspect-Ratio 16:9 / Square Pixels)
DCI-Norm 2K (2048x858px / Aspect-Ratio 2,39:1 / Square Pixels)
DCI-Norm 2K (2048x1080px / Aspect-Ratio 2:1 / Square Pixels)
DCI-Norm 2K (1998x1080px / Aspect-Ratio 1,85:1 / Square Pixels)


Audio level control

Leveling Max -3dBFS Peak with file labeling (z.B. Projectname_-3dB.wav) or EBU R128: -16 LUFS/-1dB TruePreak max. with file labeling (z.B. Projectname_-16LUFS.wav)


The easiest way is to use the audio in the .mov file. (Example: project If the sound is output separately, it must match the picture with frame accuracy.


Uncompressed Wav, 48KHz with 24 Bit.
Stereo Interleaved
2 Mono files with file labeling: Projectname.L.wav und Projectname.R.wav


Uncompressed Wav, 48KHz with 24 Bit.
6 seperate Monofiles with file labeling: Projectname.L.wav, Projectname.C.wav, Projectname.R.wav, … An example file should look like this: Projectname_-26LUFS.C.wav


If your production is mixed in DOLBY ATMOS – great! However, in this case you have to send us the final DCP.

Jury & Prices

The festival management decides on the composition of the jury. The jury decides on the awarding of the prizes in the respective competition. None of the jury members are involved in the production or distribution of a film they are judging.

Best short film, best medium-length film, best animated film and best documentary film are each endowed with 1000 EUR.

The University Film Prize is awarded for a production (of all categories) by the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and is endowed with 1000 EUR.

The Freedom Prize of the City of Offenburg is awarded by the Department of Culture of the City of Offenburg freely across all categories on the subject of freedom and is endowed with 1000 EUR.

The Mittelbadische Presse readers ‘prize is awarded by the Mittelbadische Presse readers’ jury across all categories and is endowed with 1000 EUR.


By submitting it via, the person responsible ensures that the film does not contain any image or sound that is copyrighted by third parties. The submitters agree that, as part of the reporting of SHORTS 2022, excerpts and / or film stills from the respective productions can be shown on our website, the festival’s social media channels, print products and in film and television . In addition, the SHORTS winners will be shown and distributed after the festival for promotional purposes of the event – in consultation with the filmmakers.

Submission via accepts these terms and conditions.

A film festival lives in particular through the presence of the filmmaker, we assume this.